About Journal

International Bulletin of  Social Sciences (IBSS) is a double-blind peer-reviewed Quarterly Journal published by Research Syndicate. IBSS is predominantly concerned to publish research to national and international significance in various domains of  Social Sciences. The research articles published in IBSS replicate the interest of linguistic and literary research, which may be region or country-specific. IBSS intends to highlight the contemporary and burning issues in the domain of linguistics and literature. International Bulletin of Linguistics and Literature IBSS) is an open-access quarterly journal which is being published recurrently since 2019.IBSS calls research papers in various domains of Social Sciences. It intends to publish research work that delivers sound and clear theoretical discernments with practical inferences. IBSS does not publish the researches which do not fall in the Scope of The  Journal.

RESEARCH SYNDICATE ACADEMY is an educational and research institute, having a research mandate, registered by the Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan.

Following are the aims and objectives of Research Syndicate Academy:

  • Setting up the best Research Institution for the researcher in all domains of research, which will provide the best facilities of research to produce self-sufficient researchers to meet research globalization
  • Setting up new trends in research by providing the research training workshops both physical and online to the teaching staff and students of the school, college and university.
  • Accessibility of quality education and research to the intelligent & hardworking poor students & the children of needy and deserving families having marginalized income
  • To facilitate researchers by Publication of Research Journals in the domain of Education, Social Sciences, Pure Sciences, Humanities and Legal studies.
  • Networking with other educational and research organizations to increase the quality of research, education, virtual learning and teaching methods.
  • Setting up new virtual and physical institutes, colleges and universities with all the best facilities for research, technical, Quranic, Islamic and vocational training and skills to produce self-sufficient professionals to meet educational globalization.
  • Establishing a library both physical and online for the public.
  • Organizing teacher training, academic and research learning to improve the quality of educational, research and teaching methods.