International Bulletin of Social Sciences

The chief objective of RS is to contribute authentic research from this part of the world in the ambit of international research. Major areas of research include Linguistics, Language, Literature and Education. Young researchers mostly seek assistance in choosing appropriate Research Methodology, Research Paradigm, Data Analysis tools and expertise in using various software tools. To address this issue, workshops are held at different institutions where established researchers and scholars are invited to teach and share their expertise with young researchers and scholars.

Provision of latest books in the fields of Linguistics, Language, Literature and Education is another problem faced by young researchers. They are either too expensive to be afforded by the students or not available in major libraries/bookstores. RS keeps a wide variety of these volumes to cater to learners’ needs.

Establishment of strong research ethics is a vital issue in Pakistan. The Syndicate aims to provide guidance and support researchers in their efforts to maintain research ethics and integrity. In order to avoid plagiarism, researchers are provided access to the latest soft wares.

Despite the fact that a number of Pakistani researchers are investigating in sundry academics, there is little that they can publish. RS provides them channels and opportunities to publish their research in HEC recognized as well as International Journals.  In addition to that, RS is launching its own research journal Varia Vantage which will publish latest studies in the fields of Linguistics, Language, Literature and Education as well as arts and humanities.